28 October 2005

One.Tel auditor denies conflict

27 October 2005

Just acquaintances

26 October 2005

PBL talked of hanging up on One.Tel, court told

One.Tel auditor was linked to Packer

21 October 2005

Big night at the Dick Pratts

One.Tel pair fail to get legal notes

20 October 2005

Out of the box and off to the PM

Big shot

18 October 2005

Sydney Morning Herald - CBD

Packer had bet on how low One.Tel would go

One.Tel inquiry hits the fading memory barrier

PBL: a bob each way on One.Tel

Yates crosses judicial line

Yates admits a 'conflict of interest'

15 October 2005

Murdochs may give OneTel a second go

11 October 2005

One.Tel lesson for James and Lachlan?

08 October 2005

Kleemann grilled on One.Tel loan deals

Cautionary tale: how Yates get his bruises

07 October 2005

PBL exec doesn't recall who was at One.Tel meeting

Packer man blanks out pivotal 3 weeks

Jodee Rich faced angry Packer

06 October 2005

KP likes his cash flow positive

Packer 'treated like a mushroom'

One.Tel warned on cash flow

05 October 2005

OneTel kept PBL briefed, court told