30 June 2006

One.Tel figures 'pure fiction'

29 June 2006

James possibly misled about One.Tel money

I didn't mislead Packer, says Rich

28 June 2006

One.Tel near disaster? No, says Rich

Packer's One.Tel 'comfort' call

27 June 2006

Rich denies slow payment was the 'general practice'

One.Tel boss denies playing 'dangerous game' with telcos

Rich 'unaware' of report

23 June 2006

I didn't breach my duties, Rich tells court

Rich denies breach over UK $26m

Rich quizzed about $26m transfer

22 June 2006

Court told of One.Tel finances

21 June 2006

Packer - not Adler - urged One.Tel spiel, says Rich

Unavailability a bit Rich

20 June 2006

Rich 'very positive' before the crash

One.Tel emails show rift at the top

Rich denies talking up One.Tel

19 June 2006

go with flow

One.Tel computer glitch

Rich tells of Packer mettle test

16 June 2006

Packer analysts exaggerated needs of One.Tel: Counsel

PBL data flawed, One.Tel court told

15 June 2006

Kerry's One.Tel 'control'

One.Tel evidence 'too murky'

Court is told of Packer's loss

Murdoch, Packer duped ASIC says Rich defence

14 June 2006

ASIC case flawed, says One.Tel counsel

One.Tel lawyer says case will fail

One.Tel defence cites 'Packer influence'