30 November 2005

No rest for James

29 November 2005

Packer resorts to amulets

Barrister's prodding fails to jog dim Packer memories

Packer tells of late One.Tel realisation

Packer tells court of discovering One.Tel woes $300 million debt

One.Tel deal a bid to prove myself to Dad: Packer

James papers over kind cut to his father

Packer can't recall One.Tel talks with dad

Barrister's prodding fails to jog dim Packer memories

28 November 2005

Condemned to perpetual round of suits

Packer's inside view of One.Tel nightmare

James the believer in box

25 November 2005

I was not trying to avoid ASIC inquiry

Murdoch to teary Packer: it's ok

'Novel experience' for Lachlan

Murdoch's novel One.Tel experience

24 November 2005

Yamaha, yerks!

Worried Packer's $15m collect call to Munich

Murdoch chided for memory

Murdoch repetitive over memory lapses

Murdoch told 'listen carefully'

Memory of a man who wasn't there

23 November 2005

Lachie hangs loose

James Packer's tears over One.Tel failure

Packer cried over One.Tel collapse

Murdoch: the day Packer wept over One.Tel

21 November 2005

PBL lawyer may take stand

Murdoch set to testify

17 November 2005

One.Tel case probes conflicts in role of multi-board director

Hiding finances wrong, One.Tel court told

Court told of director's roles

10 November 2005

Expert witness denies bias

04 November 2005

Liquidator did not feel threatened

03 November 2005

One.Tel liquidators told to show work

One.Tel liquidator charges revealed