14 December 2005

Everyone uses Ata

Packer denies blame game

Packer's 'millions' on law suit

Packer denies deal with ASIC

13 December 2005

Packer's memory fails him on details of One.Tel board meeting

Money or Gun: Rich told to go

Packer query on 'two books'

Ballsy question left hanging

09 December 2005

Kerry felt like a mushroom

Packer whined about his father's 'nine lives', claims Rich

Who wants to be a billionaire? I never said I did, says Packer

07 December 2005

James blank on father's sickbed meeting

Packer hazy on bedside talk with ailing Kerry

Pemberton's great escape

Packer quizzed on hospital meeting

06 December 2005

My father has never stepped back: James Packer

Packer faces a longer grilling

03 December 2005

Chip off the old bloke

02 December 2005

can popsie keep up the shoes?

Was One.Tel union the 'deal of century'

Shy barrister rides herd for media elephant

Packer account 'untruthful'

01 December 2005

Packers received $36m return

Billions of reasons for One.Tel: Packer

Packer fired up by court support crew

Packer fired up by court support crew

You never can tell at One.Tel hearing

Packer: I made no profit from One.Tel